Jacksonville Commercial Remodeling Experts – Choosing the Best Remodeling Contractor for Your Office Renovation

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Office remodeling can represent a significant investment of time and resources, yet it is something that business owners and property managers in Jacksonville and other places do regularly. Why? Because when executed properly, a commercial office renovation can provide you with significant long-term benefits. In addition to practical improvements like increased energy efficiency and a more effectively designed, productive workspace, a well-planned office renovation can help you elevate your brand, increase employee satisfaction, secure new customers, and boost profits. For these reasons, it is always important for you to choose the best remodeling contractor in your local area to manage your office renovation project.


Emerald C’s is one of Jacksonville’s most trusted commercial remodeling experts. We’ve been a go-to name for high-level commercial buildouts and renovations in the corporate / office, retail restaurant, health care, industrial, education, recreation, recreation, and hospitality markets across Northeast Florida for more than a decade. We know from experience what those who are considering an office renovation need to look for in a commercial remodeling contractor to ensure the best results every time.


To begin with, never try to tackle an office renovation or commercial interior buildout by yourself. Always choose a general contractor who can assemble the necessary team members to carry out your remodel correctly. At Emerald C’s, we are a full-service, state-certified licensed general contractor and premiere provider of quality commercial construction services in Jacksonville. We are also office remodelers, tenant improvement and interior buildout specialists.


There are many general contractors and even general remodeling contractors to choose from. However, many contractors and even remodelers do not have a great deal of experience in office remodeling, specifically. This more than any other factor has the potential to impact your office renovation positively or negatively. Always check to see how many years the commercial contractors you are considering have been in business. Ask for references and to see their project portfolio, so that you can verify their experience and the quality of their work.


Be sure, also, to make sure that the office remodeling contractor you use is licensed and insured. Licenses verify the legitimacy of a contractor and prove that they have the qualifications necessary to perform the remodeling services you are contracting for.


Insurance is necessary to avoid liability in the event that anyone gets injured during the renovation work. If your remodeling contractor does not have insurance, guess who may end up paying for the medical costs of an injured worker? That’s right – you! Before choosing a commercial remodeler, always ask the contractor to provide you with their license numbers and insurance documentation.


The best remodeling contractors will always have an organized work process. This usually begins with pre-construction planning. Commercial interior buildouts include many elements that need to be planned and executed. A good contractor will want to understand your unique goals, vision and budget so that they can tailor your remodel to those factors and help make your expectations a reality. They should introduce you to their entire team and explain each person’s role in the office remodeling while setting process expectations and nailing down details.


Pre-construction planning for an office renovation can include:


  • An initial pre-construction meeting (and routine follow-ups)
  • Project evaluation
  • Establishing a budget estimate
  • Selecting sub-contractors
  • Jobsite analysis
  • Selecting materials & equipment
  • Creating a schematic design
  • Value engineering
  • Getting permits & approvals


Once the project enters the Construction Phase, your contractor will be responsible for:


  • Construction management
  • Safety management
  • Scheduling
  • Quality assurance
  • Completion


Post-Construction, they will help you take care of:


  • Final punch-list
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Warranty coordination


Remember to always make sure that the remodeling contractor you choose provides you with a written contract that spells out everything they will be doing for you. Even if you believe them to be trustworthy and they provide you with strong references, the fact of the matter is that all commercial contracting jobs are high-level business transactions. Written contracts set expectations and define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. This is important for legal purposes in the event that an issue arises and there is a dispute between the two parties that cannot be resolved.


Finally, when seeking to choose the best remodeling contractor for your office renovation, be sure to get personal references and meet with the contractors you are considering in-person. This will help you to gain an understanding of their personalities, work processes, passion for the work, ability to understand your vision and goals, and overall level of competence.


Your office renovation is a significant investment. You will want to work with a commercial remodeler that you trust and can depend on, who knows what they are doing, and with whom you get along with. Frequent, open communication throughout the entire process is essential for optimal results.


If you are a property owner, tenant or commercial real estate company in Northeast Florida who needs help with tenant improvements or a commercial office remodel contact Emerald C’s Development. The husband-and-wife team of Brittany and Jesse Culbreth provides more than a decade of experience managing high-level commercial buildouts, as well as a uniquely creative approach that will help your brand and business stand out among the competition. Call today for a free initial consultation.