Emerald C’s Value Engineering Services in Jacksonville

Reliable Value Engineering Services in Northeast Florida

When you partner with Emerald C’s Development, you can expect end results that deliver both quality and value. We offer premier value engineering services for commercial construction projects to ultimately create the perfect space that suits every client’s vision while also meeting their desired budget. Beginning in the early design phase of every commercial construction project, the professionals at Emerald C’s work collaboratively with both our clients and architects to find opportunities that will enhance efficiencies and decrease costs without compromising the project’s end goal. We always keep our clients in mind and will often include value engineering options as alternates in our proposal to identify certain areas where they are able to eliminate unnecessary expenses if they wish to.


Our Value Engineering Services Include:

  • Removing or modifying elements or systems that are not necessary for essential functions
  • Eliminating over engineering of systems
  • Generating energy efficiency
  • Presenting alternative design approaches that achieve equal value at lower costs
  • Revising or changing certain factors to improve performance or quality to meet requirements
What is value engineering?

Simply put, “value engineering” is a term that describes saving the client money on their commercial construction project. When it comes to architecture and design, this means aiming for the most cost-effective building solutions that still fulfill its functional requirements. The overall process for value engineering typically includes the following steps:

  • Identifying the scope of the commercial construction project
  • Analyzing the functions of the design
  • Developing and assessing alternative solutions
  • Presenting alternative solutions with their costs
When does the value engineering process begin during a commercial construction project?

While the value engineering process can be started at any time before or during construction, it is recommended that the best and most cost-effective time to begin is during the design phase. This is because it will present the best picture of what steps should be taken to fully maximize a structure’s function and performance. During this phase, the contractor, architect and client will all be able to work collaboratively to apply specific value engineering techniques that will ultimately enhance efficiencies and decrease costs.

How can value engineering help your commercial construction project?

Value engineering is a process that can help clients achieve their same initial goals in a more simple and cost-effective manner. The less work and materials needed to be involved in a commercial construction project would reassure lower costs for clients as well as a lower chance of anything going wrong throughout the entirety of the project. Furthermore, the more effective and detailed that planning is during the initial design phase will also help your commercial construction project stay on budget, while the time and money spent during the value engineering process will be recovered as savings during actual construction. All in all, value engineering is a great way for clients to get the most value and highest quality results out of their commercial construction project.

Is there a difference between value engineering and cost reduction?

Yes. Cost reduction is only concerned with cost, only one of the many objectives that is involved in the value engineering process. Rather than simply reducing the price of a project, with value engineering, the value of the building can be enhanced by improving functionality while simultaneously keeping the cost the same or in some cases, lower.

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