Emerald C’s Commercial Contracting Services

Leading General Contracting Services in Jacksonville

Emerald C’s is more than just another general contractor. Our quality general contracting services keep our clients’ goals at the forefront of every commercial construction project. We combine professional expertise with a strong passion for creative output to ultimately transform every space we work on, ultimately meeting our clients’ unique vision. With principals having over 20 years of combined experience, our team of general contracting professionals are able to provide you with a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge in both the design and execution of your commercial construction project as well as extensive cost breakdowns by trade to provide full transparency.

Over the years, we have developed a strong team of local subcontractors that we depend on to round out our skilled and productive construction team. We are dedicated to working closely with our subcontractors and project managers to deliver a project that exceeds our clients’ expectations, every time.

Why Should I Hire a General Contractor for My Commercial Construction Project?

If you are planning a commercial construction project for your business, a general contractor will be a key member of your construction team. A general contractor is essentially the manager of a construction project. This means that they are ultimately responsible for the final outcome of your project. General contractors handle daily oversight of the construction site, management of all vendors and subcontractors and are the primary contact to everyone involved during the course of a construction project. Throughout the construction process, general contractors work with a number of parties to ensure positive outcomes for your project overall.

Our Commercial Contracting Services Include:

  • Turnkey Projects:

    Commercial construction projects can often be complex and time-consuming. Emerald C’s turnkey project services provide an all-in-one solution for your next commercial construction project. Enjoy complete peace of mind throughout the process with planning, engineering and construction all in one place.

  • New Construction:

    Technical expertise combined with years of hands-on experience with commercial construction in Jacksonville enables our team to provide an exceptional new build experience for our clients. Our collaborative and detailed process will ensure smooth execution of your new build commercial construction project from start to finish.

  • Interior Fit-Outs:

    Our team will assist you in the design and construction of your interior space in Jacksonville to maximize its use. Whether you have a retail store, medical space, fitness center, or office building, we are fully equipped to transform your commercial space to make it suitable for occupation.

  • Site Improvements:

    As professionals in the commercial construction industry, our team understands that the right environment is integral to success. Emerald C’s provides customized site improvements to make your space ready to welcome your clients and community.

  • Remodels & Renovations

    As professionals in the commercial construction industry, our team understands that the right environment is integral to success. Emerald C’s provides customized site improvements to make your space ready to welcome your clients and community.

  • Design Build

    Emerald C’s is able to provide our clients with a full range of professional design/build services for their commercial construction projects in Jacksonville. With our team’s combined expertise in design, development and construction, we are able to deliver exceptional architectural solutions that suit your budget and vision.

  • Construction Management

    Bringing your unique vision to life requires the right team! Through quality construction management, Emerald C’s is able to manage every commercial project efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to deliver every project on time and within your desired budget.

  • Value Engineering & Project Estimating

    We understand the importance of staying within budget. That is why Emerald C’s offers reliable value engineering methods to ensure accurate estimates and cost-effective commercial construction projects every time.

When Should I Hire my General Contractor?

Hiring a good construction team and general contractor early in the process will ensure you and your business that you will have a quality project that is completed on time and within your desired budget. If you decide you hire your general contractor during the site selection process, they will be able to help you determine the feasibility of competing sites. For example, when you work with an experienced general contractor, they will be able to provide professional guidance on what particular sites may be able to save you money in the long run depending on what type of construction works needs to be completed.

Additionally, general contractors can also help with negotiating lower lease rates or selling prices with landlords due to construction feasibility issues. With all things considered, hiring a general contractor sooner than later could save you and your business time and overall project cost.

Why Choose Emerald C’s as My General Contractor?

Emerald C’s Development is a full-services commercial construction company and licensed general contractor in Florida. For over 10 years, our team of professionals have been helping businesses in Northeast Florida with a variety of commercial construction projects, providing the highest levels of service, communication, creativity, and attention to project budgets and schedule. We provide a comprehensive range of commercial construction and general contracting services, and we are confident that we can help you bring your unique vision to life.

Are you ready to bring your projects to life?