Emerald C’s Pre-Construction Services

A strong foundation is the key to any successful commercial construction project. Considering the many elements that need to be planned and executed, pre-construction is often a complex process that is best completed by a skilled team of commercial construction professionals.

At Emerald C’s, we begin each of our commercial construction projects with in-depth preplanning that is tailored to our clients’ business objectives. Our primary goal during the pre-construction phase is to have a complete understanding of our clients’ unique vision for their space and make those expectations a reality.

Our team of construction experts can provide reliable estimates of your project before final construction documents are available. By working together, we are able to offer our clients a detailed plan that includes total budget evaluations based on their design needs. The ability to develop these reliable budgets based on early concept drawings (or even just discussions) allows our clients to proceed with financing and/or cost evaluation of their options for a new space, expansion, or consolidation.

Our Pre-Construction Services Include:

  • Initial pre-construction meeting and routine follow-ups
  • Project evaluation
  • Accurate budget estimates
  • Selecting materials & equipment
  • Value engineering
  • Site analysis
  • Getting approvals
  • Creating a schematic design
What is Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction is the earliest stage in the commercial construction building process. During this initial stage, the client, contractor and any other necessary parties come together to discuss and plan the details of the project at hand. This typically includes analyzing the overall cost, scope and scheduling of the project as a whole along with discussing design decisions, engineering evaluations, building material requirements, risk analysis, and much more.

Why is pre-construction important?

Good pre-construction services will give clients accurate estimates of their projects’ cost and scheduling to ultimately determine if they can continue to the next steps. With the proper pre-construction planning, a new build can quickly lead to miscommunication issues, delays and other unforeseen problems throughout the building process. Ultimately, pre-construction planning builds the foundation of every commercial construction project and ensure the best possible outcomes for success.

What are the benefits of pre-construction?

There are a number of benefits that come with pre-construction planning, including:

  • Develops a clear plan – In order for a project idea to be turned into a reality, there needs to be a proper plan set in place by a professional construction company who understands the building process. Pre-construction planning will define the scope, scheduling and cost of your commercial construction project, creating a clear plan of action that is easy to follow for every party involved.
  • Provides accurate budget estimates – A complete estimation of cost requirements for a commercial construction project allows companies to plan and budget their funds to achieve a successful project outcome. Additionally, identifying the costs before beginning a project will give companies the chance to make any necessary adjustments to meet their individual budget needs.
  • Reduces problems – When it comes to commercial construction projects, there are problems that are bound to arise. Pre-construction services help to identify any potential risks and issues by addressing certain concerns ahead of time such as permit requirements, site evaluation, building material and equipment requirements, and scheduling. Discussing these factors prior to the building phase ensures clients a more successful project execution.

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