Emerald C’s Design/Build Services

Premier Design/Build Services in Northeast Florida

Emerald C’s Development provides a full range of professional design/build services for commercial construction in Jacksonville to act as your single point of contact for total project delivery. By combining expertise in design, development and construction, our team of experts are able to deliver extraordinary architectural solutions that meet your budget and unique vision.

When you choose our design/build services, you automatically have the advantage of receiving a collaborative, timely approach that provides expert insight and options for the best results. Throughout the years, our team has had the privilege of working with some of Jacksonville’s finest architects and designers. Together, we take the time to understand your preferences and will work closely with the designer from start to finish to ensure your vision comes to life, down to the smallest details.


Our Design/Build Services Include:

  • Initial project planning
  • Pre-construction meeting and routine follow-ups
  • Professional design services
  • Site analysis
  • Accurate and timely estimates
  • Quality construction
What is Design/Build?

Design-build is a project delivery method where the general contractor operates under a single contract with the client to provide custom design and construction services. From the beginning, the contractor and designer work together as a team providing unified project recommendations to fit the client’s schedule and budget. If unexpected changes or issues arise during the design/build process, both the designer and contractor will work together through collaborative problem-solving, ultimately ensuring the client of a smooth, successful project completion from beginning to end.

What are the advantages of design/build delivery?

During the design-build process, the designer and contractor are working on the same team which offers a variety of benefits to the client. For starters, a collaborative approach guarantees faster, more efficient project delivery with fewer problems, reducing the time required to administer multiple contracts. The design/build method also reduces risks for the client. From the beginning of a project, the design/build team will develop a plan for managing and mitigating any potential risks, allocating them to team members who they both believe are best able to handle those particular risks. By doing so, the client will receive the best, most customized solutions for their unique project.

Is a design/build delivery method more expensive than traditional techniques?

It is actually just the opposite! The collaborative nature of the design/build process provides clients with a good opportunity for cost savings. Since the project team is created early with all parties working together, a good design/build team will be able to offer accurate estimates early on in order to meet the needs and budget of each client. With efficient decision making, quicker design and a streamlined construction schedule, you can be confident that you will save both time and cost working with a design/build company.

Why should I hire Emerald C’s Development for my design/build commercial construction project?

At Emerald C’s, we do everything possible to ensure that your commercial construction project is completed on time and within your desired budget. With 30 years of combined experience in general contracting, our team is able to provide thorough proposals and detailed descriptions of the project at hand as well as comprehensive costs will full transparency. Furthermore, Emerald C’s has worked alongside some of the best architects and designers in Jacksonville. By working together from start to finish, we ensure our clients that they will be provided with expert guidance and insight for only the most successful outcomes.

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