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Premier Design/Build Services in Northeast Florida

Emerald C’s Development offers comprehensive commercial design/build services in Jacksonville, serving as your single point-of-contact for end-to-end project delivery. Our approach combines design, development and construction expertise to deliver exceptional solutions that align with your budget and unique vision. When you use our design/build services, you gain the advantage of a well-coordinated, efficient approach for optimal results.

The collaborative nature of the design/build process also provides you with a good opportunity for time and cost savings. Since the project team is created early with all parties working together, a good design/build team can provide accurate estimates early on to meet your objectives. With efficient decision-making, quicker design and a streamlined building schedule, you can save on both time and costs.

Our Design Build Services Include

  • Initial Project Planning

    Our in-depth project planning leverages a unified project approach aligning design and construction with your needs and budget while proactively addressing challenges and opportunities in all areas. Every facet is thoughtfully examined from the start, ensuring a seamless project from beginning to end.

  • Pre-Construction Meetings and Routine Follow-Ups

    We emphasize the importance of consistent, transparent communication. Before we begin the estimating process, we conduct pre-construction meetings to discuss your project’s particular needs, work timelines and expectations. Routine follow-ups ensure that you remain informed and engaged throughout the project’s life cycle.

  • Professional Design Services

    We partner with design professionals to create designs that are not only visually captivating but also optimized for functionality and energy efficiency. We’re dedicated to tailoring the design to meet your project’s unique requirements and bring over 30 years of experience to the task.

  • Site Analysis

    Site analysis is a critical component of our planning process. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the Florida Building Code, local regulations, and site-specific challenges. From the onset, the design/build team will also develop a plan for managing any potential risks, assigning them to team members who they believe are best suited to handle those particular scenarios. This thorough analysis allows us to design and build with precision and accuracy.

  • Accurate and Timely Estimates

    We provide you with detailed, accurate estimates that let you make well-informed decisions throughout the project. Our collaborative design/build approach guarantees faster, more efficient delivery with fewer problems with less time required to administer multiple contracts. Our goal is to ensure your project stays on budget and on track.

  • Quality Construction

    Our team of skilled professionals and craftsmen are committed to delivering top-quality construction that surpasses your expectations. We utilize the finest materials and construction practices, ensuring the finished product is built to last.

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