Think You’re Ready for a Complete Office Interior Redesign?

By February 27, 2019 No Comments

You’ve been a successful business owner for some time now and things are going well; your client base is pretty good, your employees seem happy enough and productivity is fairly consistent. You know your business plan is good, but feel in your gut that something could be better. Well, take a look around. Are you happy with your office setting and design? Is there anything you would change, if you could? Once you recognize that a redesign is the next step to improve the success of your business, that’s where Emerald C’s Development comes in.

Here are some initial considerations we recommend taking when planning an office redesign:


You know your employees better than anyone, so incorporating a wide array of personalities, as well as varying preferences, can be a challenge. So we encourage looking into creating a few spaces that cater to different types of workers. We’re all just a bunch of animals, and every animal needs the appropriate habitat in order to thrive. You have your introverts, your extroverts, and those who are a little of both, depending on the circumstances. So some workers prefer to make phone calls in a private space, while others really don’t care who’s listening! Creating spaces that can cater to different work styles will increase the levels of comfort in your employees, as well as improve productivity in those who might not be adequately accommodated in your current space. So, take some notes, pay attention to each person’s behavior and make a list of suggestions. Then take it to the team.


More likely than not, your employees are going to be very excited and intrigued by the prospect of a redesign. So, it would be in everyone’s best interest to allow a collaboration to take effect. Encourage them to submit ideas, and hold forums allowing them to voice their opinions on the ideas being put forth. One of the main purposes of an office redesign is to create a space where your workforce can be happier, more productive, and more involved. So, by taking the time to hear what your work family has to say about what could help them be more productive, well, isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Spaces to Consider

Sound is a big component in any office setting, but with a well thought out design, we can make the space work FOR you, not against you. Look at what you have now, and try to note what’s working and what are the areas that could use some improvement. A successful approach would be to try and arrange your space into zones based on noise levels and traffic patterns, and space them out accordingly. Try to design your quiet contemplation zone as far as possible from the team collaboration drawing board. Supply closets and shared technology workstations are places that should have easy and unobstructed access, to increase the flow and efficiency of your space.

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