Good Design is Good Business

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

There is a growing trend we see in successful companies these days, and that is a focus and attention to workspace design as a key element in their business. Having a functional, attractive, and productive workspace can, and should, be a strategy that has measurable links to job satisfaction among employees, recruitment potential for new hires, client perceptions and overall safety and productivity. There are many reasons why a new look and fresh design could benefit your business, and here are some, to name a few:

Time is Money

This statement is nothing new, however when applied to interior build-out projects, it’s something to think about form a new angle. Imagine if every workspace was specifically designed for that particular business. That would be ideal, wouldn’t it? However, when businesses are shopping for places to work – a couple of things could happen: either you outgrow your initial design, or the space you acquired was not designed for your particular set of skills. Having a space that works for YOU, that was designed for YOU, provides intention to the work environment. With an intuitive build, based on your specific business needs, you would be surprised with the level of efficiency that follows.

Employee experience

When your employees are happy and inspired, there’s no question, that happiness and inspiration can be turned into measurable profits and savings. Hiring and training new employees is very expensive, so investing in retention is essential. Especially if you like the folks you have! Motivated people stay at their jobs longer. And investing in your employees will not only show them you care, but it will show your clients that your staff is a priority too, which is a special thing to witness.

Customer experience

A great design sets you apart from your competition, no surprise there, but the psychology behind it is the real magic. The more your workspace reflects your values, productivity and success – the more that impression will transfer directly to potential and existing clients. They will see the pride you take in yourself, your company and your employees, knowing in return you will give them the same time, energy and attention to detail. Become a place they enjoy being in, and you’ll secure a reliable client base who sings your praises!

Taking pride in your business by creating a functional space that is designed to work WITH your business has immeasurable benefits in the long run. From saving money on employee retention, to making money by attracting new clients, learning what works for you and creating a space for your purposes is a worthy investment from all standpoints.

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